Rev. Abraham H. Chikwendu
Rev. Dr. Patience Oti
Vice President
Rev. Henry Bello
Rev. Ephraim Ike
Rev. Bright Osigwe
Publicity Secretary

Rev. Dr. Patience Oti

A Year of Double Portion
Fourteen is a multiple of seven
Seven means Spiritual Perfection
2014 therefore is a given
A year of double Spiritual Promotion

Seven also means Completion
He that began a good work in me
Shall through his Supernatural provision
Perfect and complete all that concerns me

2014 is my harvest year
I will beat my plowshares into swords
My pruning hooks into spears
Every year I sowed in tears shall be restored

2014 my year of turn-around
I shall serve God better
Seek him now that he will be found
And love him deeper

I will not settle for less
All untapped potentials shall be cultivated
I am stepping into higher breakthroughs and progress
Completing all that by the grace of God that I started

This is my year of Celebration
Every yoke of stagnancy shall be broken
There shall be a swift move in my situation
According to all that God has spoken

It is my turn to go from obscurity to limelight
To raise Sons for God and multiply my impact
Carrying the cutting edge anointing
Declaring that I can do all things through Christ

No more Frustrations and Limitations
My year of double portion has arrived
With miraculous provisions
Victorious overflow, wealth and blessings untold

Heaven has been attracted to my situation
Visible Miracles are on the way
I will succeed beyond my imagination
I welcome the new levels and the new day.

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